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Gears & Guts (CompanyB) Releases General Early Walker Attachment

Gears & Guts (CompanyB) allows you to add some serious fire power to your 1/56th scale Gear Krieg U.S. M11 General Early Combat Walker with the Maxon M-45 Quad .50 cal AAMG mount:

From their announcement:

Let the “Meat Chopper” do your talking for you the next time your walker meets the enemy.

The kit includes the M45 Quad M2HB .50 cal AAMG mount with a mounting plug for the Gear Krieg General Early Walker kit, plus a seated crewman, letting you field the U.S. M11A4 AA Walker.

The kit will also fit any Company B Stuart tank model.

Look for this kit in the Gears & Guts product line at the Company B website. Gear Krieg is the original genre-making Weird War II dieselpunk setting from Dream Pod 9.