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Gears & Guts (Company B) Announces WW2 Mecha Now On Sale

Gears & Guts (Company B) announces WW2 Mecha now on sale:

From their announcement:

Gear Krieg has now gone "upscale." The first 1/56th scale Gear Krieg combat walker kit, the US M11 Combat Walker “General Early” is now on sale at the Company B web store.

The General Early is the first in a series of Gear Krieg combat walkers and sci-fi WW2 figures and accessories that will be released for 28mm wargaming. The kit includes the combat walker, turret and weapons accessories, as well as legs for both “walking” and “driving” modes so you can model your combat walker the way you want to.

Coming soon after the release of the General Early will be the German Valkyrie combat walker, weapons packs, crew figures and detail kits, and more. Gear Krieg is the original genre-making WW2 Dieselpunk setting from Dream Pod 9.