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Gear Up Issue 6 now available from Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9 has posted issue #6 of Gear Up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.

In this issue and some more news:

Gear UP 6 has arrived, and with it is some big news! Last year, Dream Pod
9 signed a licensing deal with Stompy Bot Productions to produce a new video game based on the Heavy... Gear franchise. In the past few months, Stompy Bot Productions has been working with us to bring the world of Terra Nova to life like never before. Last week at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Stompy Bot Productions along with Mektek Studios, the company that is building the game, revealed a brand new trailer featuring in game footage using the powerful new Unreal Engine 4 platform. Gear UP 6 features some an in depth look at some of the features and the people behind the game as it is developed.

As a fan of the Heavy Gear franchise, you have an opportunity to make this game a reality and to push it forward to even broader game play options.
We want your help to make this game not only a reality, but the best game play experience for you the player. Stompy Bot Productions and Mektek Studios have set up for you to explore the concepts behind the game and to keep up with news about Heavy Gear Assault. While you are there you can help by contributing to the crowdfunding campaign they have set up. In addition to the direct crowdfunding, a Kickstarter campaign will be starting up in the next few weeks. Crowd funding has been a tremendous success in the market for letting fans express their desire for a project to move forward. You can be part of that success and make this game a reality, and snag some excellent rewards such as patches, artbooks, music, and in-game unique items!

We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to bringing you more content this year. Expect more coverage in Gear UP as we move forward!