Gear Krieg goes 28mm

By tgn_admin
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May 14th, 2011

A.D. Publishing and Company B have announced a joint venture to release a range of 1:56 scle Gear Krieg vehicles called Gears and Guts.

Gears and Guts

From their announcement:

Gears and Guts is a joined venture of Brent Dietrich of Company B and John Cunningham. They have acquired a license from DP9 to produce 1/56 models of the classic 15mm Gear Krieg models by DP9.

Very much in the way I have the license to produce World at War books based on the original Gear Krieg books.
Brent and John approached me a couple of months ago for additional input on the project. Very soon after that we received even more in depth support by John Bell (aka Jakar Nilson) the guy behind the great GK “Alfies Tenners” comics.
Soon ideas were flying around via the interweb and the first walkers were taken shape. We agreed that I would paint the walkers.

The General Early walkers shown are a pre-production prototypes with some weapons still missing. The Artizan Greatcoat troopers (painted by Tom Weiss) are shown for scale comparison. The final models will have even more details and a full complimenting set of decals included. Jakar is even working on vehicle dashboard layouts!

The above picture shows how well the spirit of the 15mm models is captured! Release dates and future plans are noted on Brents website under the Gears and Guts subsection.

  • Grim6

    They look great. This might push me into this game. For some reason, I like look of these (even though they are the same concept) than the existing (15mm?) models.

  • I am SO stoked about this! Anyone want to buy some DUST walkers? 😉 I may no longer need them!

  • GS_topcow

    wow, is it really a good move with so much Weird world war out there right now? Dust is pretty good looking, albeit the basic rules are not that wonderful…

  • elakin

    I love me some Gear Krieg, and these look great. For gaming pieces tho, 1:56 doesn’t seem like a very good choice (1:100 aka 15mm is already a bit on the large side when dealing with vehicles). 20mm/1:72 is the largest i’d want to go for WWII personally when vehicles are involved.

  • EasyEight

    28mm is the dominant scale for skirmish level wargaming, so you’d have a couple of vehicles per side — not massive formations (though some rules can support that).