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GCT Studios wants you to meet Manu of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

GCT Studios is showing off a new art piece and a new mini in their latest preview for Bushido.

From the preview:

Next up for the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate is Manu, this giant Buto is the personal bodyguard of Harukichi selected for obvious reasons. His prowess in the Jumo Arenas quickly attracted attention, it was clear to most he was destined for a top position within the Syndicate.

The Gaki are cursed, once greedy and conceited men, they are now damned to lurk in the dark. Constantly driven by the gnawing pain of a hunger that cannot be satisfied no matter the volume of meat this foul Yokai consumes. Those rare peasant who survive the steel like claws and razor sharp teeth talk of a cloak of dense, cold mist enveloping them before the assault.