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GCT Studios Taking Pre-orders For Jung Pirates

Yo ho-ho, a pirate's life for me. If you want to live the pirate's life as well on your Bushido tabletops, your wait is nearly over. The next faction for the game, the Jung Pirates, are soon to be let loosed upon the seas of the Jwar Isles. If you're going to Gen Con, you can pick up your figures there. If not, have no fear, as pre-orders have just opened up.

You've got the starter set there, as well as 5 more pirates to add to your crew, giving you a lot of versatility when putting your force down on the table. You can also order the faction deck for the Jung. These cards can give new gear and abilities to your fighters, as well as possibly putting out a special piece of terrain on the table. Finally, to make sure everything matches nicely, there's the faction dice. They're pink and have an octopus on them. Personally, I'm going to get a set, just because.