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GCT Studios Previews Two New Bushido Minis

Cats vs. Dogs. Cubs vs. Cardinals. Coke vs. Pepsi. There are just some classic rivalries out there. One of the more recent ones that's come out of nerd-dom is Ninjas vs. Pirates. Well, that's just what we've got previews of from GCT Studios. There's a new Jung Pirate to check out as well as a ninja for the Kage Kaze Zoku.

From the preview:

Duri - Jung Pirates:
He is almost as good a shot as he boasts and with his two “ladies” by his side, a threat to even the most nimble monk or heavily armour samurai, making him a legend amongst the Jung. The tale of how he lost his leg a source of much amusement amongst his peers.

Wamu - Kage Kaze Zoku:
Another worm to emerge from the perilous, relentless training of the Kaze Kage Zoku, Wamu is a swift and nimble novice assassin. Like her fellow novice Wamu is able to employ the teachings of her mentors to great effect. A competent warrior and a promising student of the ways of the ninja.

You can expect these fellows to be available the first week of February.