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GCT Studios Previews Tetsuso For Bushido

At Gen Con, in the GCT Studios display case, up at the top, off to one side, there was a model. At the time, it didn't have a name, but it certainly was causing a bit of a stir. I mean, you don't see many man/crab centaur models around. Well, he now has a name and some rules and will be coming to your tabletops with Bushido's wave 30. It's Tetsuso.

Tetsuso's a melee beast. Armed with a naginata, as well as a pair of powerful crab claws, he's at his best when wading into the enemy's ranks. The hardest thing to do for a melee character is to get into melee to begin with. Thankfully, while on the way there, Tetsuso can choose between one of two defensive abilities. He can either increase his speed (meaning he gets into battle faster) or he can get Ranged Defense 2, hopefully letting him weather a hail of enemy fire.