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GCT Studios Previews Rise of the Kage Production Copy

Gordon over at GCT got a special surprise for his birthday. He was shipped the first production-run copy of their Rise of the Kage board game that they funded over on Kickstarter. He took a moment from the birthday celebrations to snap some photos of what the box, the components, and the board looks like.

While I wouldn't expect to see an update of "this stuff looks like crap" from them, Gordon says that the pieces are nice and sturdy and the details on the figures are pretty clean (hopefully we'll get some closer photos of said minis soon). It does seem like the box is nicely designed to hold all the pieces. I hate when I get a game and the box, after punching everything out, can't really handle storing the pieces. I realize that can come at a higher production cost, but it makes take-down, set-up, and playing the game so much easier if everything has a specific place it's supposed to go.