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GCT Studios Previews New Bushido Art and Kage Painted Minis

GCT Studios has a couple previews to show off for their two major projects they're working on. There's a new art piece preview for Wave 25 of Bushido and we've got some painted minis they're giving us a look at for Rise of the Kage (which can also be used, eventually, for Bushido since they made it to that stretch goal).

For Bushido, we get a look at Malosi, the champion of the Iron Fist gumi. Now, it's been a while since I've read the Bushido fluff, so I'm not sure what, exactly, an "Iron Fist gumi" is, but I do know that unless it's a math contest, I don't want to face off against Malsoi in it.

As for Rise of the Kage, there's a pair of figures that've been painted up so you can see what the figures look like when in the hands of a master painter. My figures, I guarantee, will never look that good.