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GCT Studios Previews Misao, the Grey Rose For Bushido

It's not just kung-fu monks, ninja goblins, and sumo-wrestling giants in Bushido. You don't have to worry about a snap-kick coming from Misao, the Grey Rose, but that doesn't mean you should just ignore her on the battlefield. Her mystic abilities are on-par with the greatest monk sage or goblin shadowmancer. Even just attacking her will cost you.

As you can see, Misao is adept at being an adept. She can cause your opponent's dice to suddenly fail, force them to reveal what model they will activate next, and give your own forces a potential tactical advantage. Plus, when attacked, she places Spirit Lock tokens on those attacking her, meaning your opponent will probably try and overcompensate in a single attack to try and get her out of there with minimal back-damage as possible.

But the new mini isn't the only news to report. GCT has also posted the Bushido rules in Italian. So for those of you who speak that natively and would prefer to see the rules that way, there's now that option.