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GCT Studios Previews Kuma For Bushido

GCT Studios has a bit of an update going on with this preview. First is an announcement that they're going to be teaming up with 4Ground to make Bushido-specific terrain pieces. Expect more details about that in our Terrain Corners when that's released. They also have a bit of a guide for ordering figures from their webshop and making sure the pieces get there in time for the holidays. But the real meat of the update is Kuma.


Well, we know Eric Lang will be happy about it. Personally, I wanted a polar bear. ;)
Kuma will be a new model for the Temple of Ro-kan (they've already got a Po, though he's not a panda). No word on abilities yet. But I have a feeling he'll be a melee fighter in the true tradition of Temple monks. Probably decent health and armor, too, looking at him.