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GCT Studios Previews Kerasu For Shadow Wind Clan

Shadows and wind. They're not really something you can catch and keep. Wind, by its very definition, is always on the move. And a shadow you can never grab. Seems like an appropriate clan name for a group of ninjas. And that is just the case for Bushido. GCT Studios is showing off a new mini for the Shadow Wind Clan with a look at Kerasu.

Seems someone likes Wolverine. Like the other ninjas of the Shadow Wind Clan, Kerasu is a fairly formidable fighter with a decent cost to go with him. Also like other ninjas, each turn you can pick one of two abilities for him to have. In this case, you can either have him cause Fear (5) (which is a pretty formidable number in the game), or gains Last Stand (how Wolverine-like indeed).