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GCT Studios Previews Katsumi For Bushido

The ninjas are amassing... though it might be hard to tell because... y'know... ninjas. But trust me, they're there! I'm not just some raving lunatic shouting at shadows! I even have photographic proof! We get a look at Katsumi, a new figure for Bushido as well as a look at what this warrior is capable of with a look at his stat card.

Like the other ninjas previewed before, Katsumi has some pretty nasty tricks up his sleeves (which makes sense because, y'know, ninja). He keeps up the theme of highly-skilled warrior, which also raises his rice cost to play. Like other ninjas, he has an option of gaining one of two abilities at the start of his turns, making him adaptable to what is happening on the battlefield. He also excels at melee combat, but is also able to trip his foes at a distance.