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GCT Studios Previews Bushido Wave 37 Artwork

GCT Studios is giving us a sneak peek into what's coming up for Bushido. They've posted some new artwork for minis that'll be released in Wave 37 for the game... ... plus an extra. Yeah, apparently they posted one piece that isn't going to be in the next set of releases. But hey, we can still look at it and say how cool it is. Just gotta wait a little longer until it hits your tabletops.

From the announcement:

Here's the rest of Wave 37 for you viewing pleasure, tune in next week to see the first sculpts of the Wave. The alternative sculpt of the Golden Sentinel will also be included in this Wave for general release.

Oops! This was an error on my part, our Tengu friend below is not part of Wave 37, the next model actually contains a Jade Mamba guard.