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GCT Studios Previews Bakemono Boomers For Bushido

When Bushido first came out, I looked into it and picked up the Prefecture as my main faction (also picking up Temple to go with). One of my favorite pieces was the gunner. In a game with so much of a focus on melee, having a reliable ranged attack on the field was a big advantage. Well, it would seem as though the Bakemono of the Savage Wave have managed to pick up one of those guns and figured out how to use it.


As you can see, the Bakemono Boomers are fairly straight-forward. A bit of a change from all those ninjas we'd been seeing (about as far as you can get, from stealth to "boomers" and complex to straight-forward), which is fine.

These little guys are part of Wave 27 that will be available the start of next year.