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GCT Studios posts up new Bushido previews

GCT Studios has some new Bushido preview artwork up, a new painted mini and a preview of the new upgrade cards they're coming out with.


From the update:

So to start of the New Year we thought we’d whet your appetite with a taste of one of the new and exciting things to come for Bushido in 2014. Special Cards.

What are Special Cards, I hear you ask? Well Special cards are an interesting and flexible way to create very focused and distinct Warbands for your favourite factions. There are three types of Special Cards and each work slightly differently but can in their own way enable players to customise their Warbands to fit their play style or theme. For the first set of Special Cards on general release from February 6th players will have seven faction specific cards available as well as seven generic Special Cards.

Over the next month to help you through the winter blues during the Cycle of the Sad Sky we’ll be previewing one of the Special Cards from each of the six factions, with an occasional surprise thrown in there for good measure.

Let's kick things off with an example of a card that we feel all the Bakemono players are going to love.