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GCT Studios Posts New Bushido Previews

The Jung Pirates were a big hit during their release at Gen Con. Lots of people were coming over to check out the new faction and pick up the starter along with a couple extra figures. And while the Jung did get out of the gate (or is that away from the dock, when you're talking about pirates?) with more than just a starter, they don't quite have the numbers to match what other factions have. Well, they'll be catching up a bit, as they've got two new releases coming with Wave 31 for Bushido. We get a preview of them today. The Tengu also are a petty new faction. We also get a look at a new mini they'll be getting.

The Tengu are getting Jirobo. Like many Tengu, he's a well-armored figure (must be rough flying around with all that armor on). He's also really good in combat, getting Ki Feats that can give him Impenetrable Defense and Parry as well as one that lets him see what you plan on doing in terms of special attacks/defenses before he chooses his own.

The Jung are getting the non-unique Kurosea. Those nets they use to catch fish can also just as easily be used to make sure opponents aren't going anywhere fast, making use of Immobilize Attack when they are armed. Then there's Ran Fujiwaro. A single one of her strikes won't do much damage, but she has the potential to make many hits with a single attack, letting her opponents slowly bleed out via "death from a thousand cuts."