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GCT Studios Posts Minimoto Design Diary

Bushido is getting a Bear Clan.
Yes, I'm hyped.
One of my two favorite minis games is getting a clan based on bears. What else could I really ask for?
They've posted up a first preview, giving us a bit of insight into what they had in mind while working on the units for the faction.

From the post:

With the release of the Minimoto a little over a month away we are going to have a number of design notes from our lead designer to give you a taste of what to expect:

Right at the beginning of the design process for the Bear Clan I started by looking at what we wanted for the faction as a whole. To make sure each model fits I have a set of “Rules” used to make new models. I have these rules for every faction and some smaller parts of the factions, while these rules can certainly be broken based on exciting concepts or mechanics these form the basic building blocks of the faction, so here are the Minimoto Meta Rules so you’ll know what to expect.