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GCT Studios announces releases for Wave 10 for Bushido

GCT Studios is letting us know what's-what with their Wave 10 releases for Bushido.

This wave is going to see the general release of Bushido's fifth faction; the Ito Clan. Due to the success of the campaign that not only brought their release forward but has also allowed us to, at launch, release a starter force of 5 models balanced at 35 rice but also an extra four individual blisters. Because of this huge added extra to our normal wave release and the demands it brings we have decided to only include Ito models in Wave 10. Besides it could be an opportunity to pick up a new faction in the Ito, for those that missed the campaign.

Those fans of the existing four factions need not fear, we will still be releasing a faction specific product for each force. This will come in the form of 10 faction dice with an RRP of £9.95. These dice packs come with five attack and five defence dice. They feature the colours of their respective factions as well as the faction symbol on the 6. Show off your faction support in style with these high quality 16mm dice.

So in total wave 10 will land with coincidentally 10 new products for your playing and collecting pleasure.