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GCT Studios Announces New Bushido Faction

Gen Con will be here before we know it. Companies love to have new releases available for those that will be at the show. GCT Studios will be there. And they'll certainly have new releases available. The big, new release is a whole new faction for Bushido. They're the Jung Pirates, and GCT is showing off the starter set figures.

The Jung are going to be a rather eclectic group, as one might expect. Much like the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate, the Jung are happy to grab recruits from anyone willing to fight for them. As such, you won't be getting the "regular rank and file" look of something like the Prefecture, or even the Temple. The starter set as well as "initial release blisters" will be available at Gen Con, as I mentioned. I'm really looking forward to see what else will be coming for the faction.