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GCT Studio previews Zung Fu for Savage Wave for Bushido

GCT Studio is showing off another mini for the next wave of Bushido releases with a look at Zung Fu for Savage Wave.


From the preview:

For so long have the Shugenja of the Bakemono tribes lived and worked with darkness and shadow that they seem to see it almost as a living breathing entity. They whisper, listen and learn from the deep blackness in which they dwell. Where others see emptiness they see power and an ancient knowledge. So long have they lingered there that in battle the Shugenja are able to harness the endless dark strength of the shadows to grip enemies in place to be hacked to pieces, or to shroud ones very soul obscuring it from the light. Those who have lived to tell the tale are never the same and many seem lost after, the light behind their eyes extinguished forever.

Available to Pre-Order now along with the rest of Wave 15, Zung Fu is £7.95