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GCT Previews Tengu Descension Starter Box Models and Stat Cards

A new faction is always an interesting thing to add to a game. Suddenly, the whole meta can change as a whole swath of new figures enter the field. And not only that, but they tend to bring along new special rules with them. There's all new spells and special ability combinations to have to learn and react to. How will this new faction face up against your favorite army? Well, you can get a preview of the stat cards for the upcoming Tengu Descension for Bushido after the cut.

So we've got some flight. Some good armor on a few of those guys. The ability to get rid of camouflage. The ability to snare an opponent in place. Some extra movement in a couple cases. Some good hit point totals in a few places.

What're your thoughts on the first few figures for this faction? At the very least, the models are some of the best for the Bushido line, in my opinion. They've come a long way since those first starter sets.