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GCT Previews New Jung Pirates for Bushido

As Gen Con gets closer, so does the imminent release of the newest faction for GCT Studios' Bushido (editorializing here: it's tied for my favorite miniatures game out there). It's not just a starter set that's coming out, either. The faction is rolling out in style with extra figures, faction dice, and the Jung Pirates Special Cards Pack 1. We get a look at two more pirates, as well as those dice and cards, today.

We start out with Arata, the shark-man.
Well, that's pretty much all that needs to be said about him. That's already as cool as it can get without me going on further.
Then there's Lua, a buto. Once again it's nice that the folks at GCT decided to use my body template for a miniature.

Finally, there's the faction dice along with the special cards. The cards give you special customization options for your force, giving you optional equipment, events, and terrain features you can use during your games.

All of these will be available at the GCT Studios booth at Gen Con (and for everyone else shortly thereafter).