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Gauntlet Games now carries DGS Games miniatures

DGS Games products are now carried by Gauntlet Games in Lincoln, Nebraska. From their announcement:
Gauntlet Games, located in Lincoln Nebraska is the newest retailer to carry DGS Games miniatures. They are carrying the entire line of DGS Games 32 mm metal fantasy miniatures. To kick things off in Nebraska, DGS Games lead designer Jon Cleaves will be at Gauntlet Games on May 14, 2011 to run some demonstration games using DGS figures and the Freeblades rules. Freeblades is a skirmish game being developed by DGS. The games will be run from 11-1 and 2-4, all figures, games aids, dice etc. are provided – players just need to show up and have fun. Gauntlet Games is are located at 3231 South 13th Street, Lincoln, NE 68521, (402)420-5060. Their operating hours: Sunday, Noon to 5:00PM; Monday-Friday, 11:00 AM-9:00 PM; Friday-Saturday, 11:00 AM-10:00 PM