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Gateway Games running How To Serve Man Kickstarter

Gateway Games got out the pots and pans and has lit a fire under their How to Serve Man Kickstarter campaign. Sort of an "Iron Chef" meets "Twilight Zone" meets "Soylent Green" type of thing, players play as intergalactic chefs trying to create the best dish where the main ingredient is people (cue Charlton Heston clip here...). Will your meal be the one that impresses the celebrity chefs? Or will you suffer the bitter taste of defeat... like the pith on an orange... that stuff's really bitter. When trying to get zest off an orange, be sure to stay away from the pith. Seriously.
*does a lot of cooking in his off hours*


From the campaign:

The fires are lit, the silverware is polished, and the humans have been's time for everyone's favorite Cosmic Cooking Show, HOW TO SERVE MAN!

Step into the shoes of an intergalactic Chef competing against other Chefs in a knock down, no-holds-barred Cooking competition! The featured ingredient for this contest… Human Beings!

Impress the Celebrity Judges with your culinary prowess while making sure your ingredients don’t run away. Do you have what it takes to beat out your friends to become the champion of Space Kitchen Arena?

In this light worker placement game, you will gather resources, cook them up, and combine them to create Dishes to present to the Celebrity Judge panel. Impress the judges and you will earn bonus points for future Dishes, and those judges will help shape your overall cooking strategy.

The Chef that earns the most points, while dealing with the inevitable hazards of outer space, wins!