Gaspez promotions banned from TalkFantasyFootball forum

As a follow-up to the earlier article posted here about allegations of recasting levelled at Impact! Miniatures by Gaspez Arts, the moderators of the TalkFantasyFootball forum have banned commercial announcements and promotion of Gaspez Arts products on the forum.

From their website:

TFF is meant to be a community, and as such, we should all be working towards the betterment of this genre. The community needs to pull together.

One company has decided not to do that, has publicly smeared another company with damaging allegations of criminal activity, refused to provide any evidence to justify their claim, and managed to embroil a third company in the event.

Despite attempts by non-involved parties to get details, said company has still refused to divulge details.

Due to this, we, the undersigned moderators and admins on TFF, have decided that said company and their products can no longer be promoted on this forum, until such time as they either provide sufficient evidence to the Moderators to back their claim, or they publicly admit they had insufficient evidence, and apologise.