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GASPcon 16 dates announced

GASPcon 16 dates announced

GASPcon, put on by the Gaming Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania, GASPcon 16 is coming to the Monroeville Convention Center (the same place the event was held last year) in Pittsburgh this November. November 6th-8th, to be specific. So be sure to mark your calendars. New for this year will be a dedicated exhibitor space at the show. They’re looking to have both local and international retailers at the event. As every year, the main focus is on the gaming, though. Whether you’re an RPGer, CCGer, or minis gamer, there’ll be something for you to do at the show.

From the announcement:

What:: GASPcon 16
Where:: Monroeville Convention Center, Pittsburgh PA
When:: November 6th through 8th, 2015

GASPcon is back for its 16th year, showcasing the best of Pittsburgh gaming conventions. We were able to secure the same venue as last year, which we received rave reviews for. GASPcon runs 24hrs a day from opening (1pm on Friday) till close (6pm on Sunday).

Many details still need to be worked out over the next few weeks and months, but we plan to keep the pricing structure the same and continue to utilize Warhorn for event registration. One big addition for this year is a dedicated exhibitor space. In past years GASPcon has primarily focused on the gaming experience, but over the past few years as we have grown, the main feedback is the desire to have more vendors attend the convention. To meet that need we are looking at renting an addition 12,000+ sq. ft. of space dedicated to exhibitors. More details will follow, but we’ll be looking to secure not only local exhibitors, but maybe some national ones as well.

Here are some GASPcon details that are constants year-to-year.

• Board games will be running all weekend long, and with our extensive and free board game library, you can check-out a different game every time you sit down to play. There will also be a board game demo team on-hand to teach you how to play several select games donated to the club by retailers.
• There is also a mix of Role-playing games running throughout the weekend. There are both independent publisher games, as well as your favorite D&D and Star Wars RPGs. The RPGA will also be running Living FR all weekend long, with first-run events for the living campaign.
• Your favorite CCG’s will also get some play, with several Magic events being held.
• We had an explosion of miniature event submissions last year, so plan on many events scheduled throughout the weekend, including Frag-A-Rama, You Sunk my Battleship (AA War at Sea), Infinity, MERCS, Robotech RPG Tactics, ails of Glory, Sergeants Miniature Game, and X-Wing. GASPcon 15 will see the return of the outstanding BattleTech Alpha Strike Poker Run on Saturday, where the object is to collect poker cards by killing your opponents, and the winner is the player with the best poker hand.
• Sunday always hosts our featured Signature Miniatures Event, which last year was a 10-player Robotech RPG Tactics game. Previous events were large-scale Full Thrust games in the Battlestar Galactica universe, the Battle of Hoth (Star Wars miniatures), the Attack on the Death Star (X-Wing) and the Battle of Amon Hen (GW Lord of the Rings) to name a few. We’ll see what game holds sway this year!

Return of the Silent Auction
The silent auction returns again for GASPcon 16. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you’ll find plenty going on with the auction. Full details will follow.

Venue Information::
Monroeville Convention Center (South Main hall)
209 Mall Plaza Blvd
Monroeville, PA 15146