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Gary Hunt Miniatures release Beastman hero

ClovisGary Hunt Miniatures have added the Beastman hero to their online store. From their announcement:
New to the Fantasy Warr.. 28/30mm range comes the Clovis Beastman Hero. This is a 3 piece pewter kit. The head and left hand can be swapped around with the 3 pack of Clovis Beastmen (that are already available on my site) to create greater variations of poses and characters. Competition: Come up with a suitable name for this Clovis Beastman Hero and you can win a copy. E-mail me on and I will announce the winner the name when I upload the painted version to my site. (you e-mail address will not be given to any other source, i may however send you the occasional newsletter or invite to Gary Hunt Miniatures facebook page..) Its great to be sculpting beastmen again, my first company in 1991 was called Minotaur Miniatures and I did some for Grenadier UK way back.