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Gangfight Games teams up with Game Salute

Gangfight Games, makers of Blackwater Gulch, has teamed up with Game Salute to help out with their production.

From the news release:

Our Kickstarter campaign ended just a week ago and was very successful, and now I'm excited to announce that Gangfight Games has partnered up with Game Salute! Game Salute will be handling fulfillment and worldwide distribution of Blackwater Gulch miniatures and much more. They will also be sending out all of the Kickstarter orders to everyone. Here's the story from

Game Salute is excited to welcome Gangfight Game Studio to our family of design studios! Blackwater Gulch - Gangfights in the Old West recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign, proving that there’s much love for the wild, wild west.

From the project’s Kickstarter page:

Blackwater Gulch is a table top hobby game where you and your friends collect small gangs of finely detailed, 30mm miniature men who will fight each other in the fierce and wild west. You will create a gang or posse based on different professions and equipment, breathing life into your men through the skirmishes they win or lose in the town streets and outskirts.

The game is named after the fictional town of Blackwater Gulch, located “somewhere out west”. It’s around 1890 and a gold rush has brought fortune-seekers to town after a local discovery made nationwide news. This also brought a population boom and the town has become overcrowded with unsavory sorts, and not enough lawmen to go around.

Your gang is living in these troubling times. They can be lawmen or outlaws, vigilantes or freedom fighters. You decide who they are, what they can do and why they do it. Adventure awaits in Blackwater Gulch! Keep your six-guns by your side, and an eye on your back. You’ll never know who’s coming down the road…

Check back regularly for production updates, including the official release date.

Welcome to the family, Gangfight Game Studio!