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Gangfight Games shows Bloodwolf Tribe and Clancy Gang starter box photos

Gangfight Games is also in a mood to show off starter boxes. These are the ones for the Clancy Gang and Bloodwolf Tribe for Blackwater Gulch.

From the website:

Here is a preview of the cover art for the Bloodwolf Tribe Starter Box Set.

Also, I know I posted this before, but here’s an updated pic of the Clancy Gang cover. Just a cleaner photo than before.

Now that I have the Bloodwolf figures painted, I’ll be taking a bunch of photos for the updated rulebook and then I hope to have the new PDF version available very soon. I’ll actually be removing a bunch of photos from book for the PDF so it will be a faster download and to go easier on printers, but I need to have everything in place for the printed book and then go back and remove some things to streamline the PDF. Going to shoot for “some time next week” :)