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Gangfight Games Releases Bounty Hunter Gang Leader

Gangfight Games is pleased to annouce the release of their first miniature for Blackwater Gulch, the Bounty Hunter Gang Leader:

From their website:

He can be ordered directly from our website at

Some would call them a Jack or Jill of all trades, Bounty Hunters excel at catching a man dead or alive... Usually dead. To get the job done, they master of a variety of weapons and tend to be stronger than most. Some bring only criminals to justice, but most will go after any bounty that pays well enough.

Bounty hunters gain +1 Strength when first recruited. They are known to use a wide variety of different weapons, and to reflect this they may use equipment one level higher than their current Ranged or Melee Combat Attributes with no penalty. Additionally, If your Gang Leader is a Bounty Hunter, any friendly model within 12" of him may reroll their Morale roll if they fail.

Package includes a body, a weapon Sprue and a 30mm round plastic base. The included weapons allow you to equip your model with a Rolling Block Rifle (Longarm), Coach Gun (Shotgun), Colt 45 (Pistol), Bowie Knife or Tomahawk (1-Handed Melee).

The size and scale of the figure is compatible with most "28mm Herioic" miniatures, standing 30mm to the eye, 34mm to the top of his hat. Model supplied unpainted. Not recommended for children under 13. Made in the USA, from good old fashioned white metal.

Sculpted and designed by Pedro Ramos.