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Gangfight Games posts Playtest Rules for Blackwater Gulch Savage Beasts Expansion

Gangfight Games is looking to bring some new minis to the Blackwater Gulch line. They've got the playtest rules for their Savage Beasts expansion up on their website for you to check out. Give 'em a look-see and post your feedback. Hmm, that Werebear art seems familiar. *looks at my right arm* Oh yeah. Another Heath "BA" Foley masterpiece.
Anyway, they've got the rules up now and will be running a Kickstarter for the minis in a couple months.

From the announcement:

Howdy folks!

We finally finished the playtest rules for our upcoming expansion, Savage Beasts. You can download the PDF on our site at

We're planning a Kickstarter campaign to fund some new Beast sculpts, that will probably be in June. It will be a short 2-week campaign just to fund the Werewolf starter pack, with a few stretch goals for other beasts, and a couple of new professions for human gangs. Just need to get our master models done and paint up a set to show off first. We’re expecting to have the Chupacabra sculpts done this week and then they’ll be off to the printer.

For now, we just wanted to get the rules out there. We’ll be showing off the models as we get them printed and painted. Stay tuned!