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Gangfight Games Posts New Blackwater Gulch Preview

Gangfight Games is gearing up for a new Kickstarter campaign for Blackwater Gulch. They've posted up some artwork so you can be excited about it. And, I mean, one of the new figures they'll be looking to make is a weregator. So they've got my attention there. But that's not the only strange thing they're working on.

From the post:

Here is some new character art for our upcoming Kickstarter. First we have the Blackeyed Children, creepy demonic urchins who will be a 3-man minion pack for the Cursed. Next a new Cursed henchman, a demon known as the Strangeling. And finally, a new henchman for the Beasts, a weregator who inhabits the Clarktown Marshes far to the south of Blackwater Gulch. What do you think?