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Gangfight Games Launches Blackwater Gulch: Savage Beasts Kickstarter

Blackwater Gulch is a rather wild place. Our friends over in Britain might say it's down right beastly. Well, at the conclusion of the Kickstarter that just launched, that will be literally the thing to say, as the campaign hopes to bring some new beasts to your tabletop.

Though not simply mindless beasts. These Skinwalkers were once human, but are now were-monsters. Werewolf, Werebear, Werevole, Weremarmot... I may have made up a few of those. The Skinwalkers also work well and play with other of the more "savage" creatures of Blackwater Gulch, such as the Chupacabra and jackalope.
Personally, I want to see these guys make it to their $14k stretch goal so I can get me a werebear. I've already got the artwork (done by Heath "BA" Foley) on my arm. I'd like to have a mini on my shelf as well.