Gangfight Games Blackwater Gulch Gambler Gang Leader Preview

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Jan 24th, 2012

Gangfight Games wanted to show off thei latest sculpt for their next Blackwater Gulch figure, the Gambler Gang Leader:

From their website:

Gamblers are lucky, and have the ability to reroll dice during the game. Gang Leaders may share this ability with friendly models that are nearby.

The Gambler Gang Leader will come with weapon options for Bowie Knife, Hand Axe/Hatchet, Colt 45 or other revolver, a Derringer pocket pistol, and an extra hand full of cards for fun.

The model was sculpted by Patrick Keith. We hope to have him available in March.

In other news, our Bounty Hunter Gang Leader is almost ready and will hopefully be available in the next week or so if all goes well. For more info or to download our free rules feel free to visit our website at or

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  • Orca

    Not bad, but the pose…

    • Dewbakuk

      Looks better with the other hands. Pistol and fan of cards is my preference, although the cards need to be closer together.

  • Necros

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 the sculptor is sending the model to me right now, so I’ll see how the cards really look when I get it.

    I like the derringer & bowie knife combo personally 🙂