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Gangfight Games Blackwater Gulch Bounty Hunter Green

Gangfight Games previews an upcoming bounty hunter figure:

From their website:

Gangfight Games is about to launch our own line of miniatures to support our first game, Blackwater Gulch. The first model will be the Bounty Hunter Gang Leader. The figure will come with separate hands for a variety of weapon options including a Colt 45, Rolling Block Rifle, Coach or Short Barrel Shotgun, Bowie Knife and Tomahawk. Other forthcoming Gang Leader models will also have separate optional hand weapons, so you can mix and match and configure your men however you want, or save the spare pieces to convert other gang members.

We hope to have the Bounty Hunter available in January, followed by the Gambler and Prospector afterwards. More info and a free full color rulebook PDF is available on our website at