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Ganesha Games Releases Drums and Shakos Large Battles PDF

Ganesha Games announces Drums and Shakos Large Battles English PDF available NOW. Includes full color version , quick reference sheet, hi-rez covers, and inksaving version:

From their website:

44 pages plus covers for $8.

As usual, please let us know if you spot typos or weird formatting before we print the book. It has been professionally edited but mistakes always seem to crop up in the last minute edits....


Drums & Shakos Large Battles is a set of miniatures rules for large napoleonic battles. Each player controls a Division of two or three Brigades.

Designed to be played in less than three hours, its mechanics force participants to make tactical choices. Drums & Shakos Large Battles rewards good management of reserves, right deployment of artillery, and historical use of cavalry. Maneuver your Battalions and Regiments, react to your opponent's actions, and launch the final attack at the right moment! Victory lies only a few steps away...

Innovative mechanics detail the approach and contact phases of combat. Easy measuring system, very limited use of counters and markers, no bookkeeping. Clear victory conditions, based on losses and penetration into enemy territory.
The rules allow for reactions in the opponent's turn: no player is ever truly inactive. Four Scenarios included.
Appendix: playing at Corps or Army level. Playable in any scale, 6 to 28 mm. Divisional army lists for major powers (Austria, France, Britain, Prussia, Russia, and Spain). Simple guidelines to refight historical battles.