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Ganesha Games now has Kindle version of Flying Lead

Ganesha Games has a new Kindle version of their Flying Lead gaming rules. Go check 'em out! It's available on Amazon.

From the copy:

For $7.99 USD, Ganesha Games has made Rich Jones' Flying Lead – modern skirmish rules available on the Amazon Kindle. This version is optimized for the Kindle's e-ink screen and has reflowable text and limited graphics. It is our first experiment in using Amazon's digital distribution platform for ebooks. Soon we will also have a Kindle version of our fantasy RPG Tales of Blades and Heroes.

Flying Lead is a set of miniatures rules for any scale, for small skirmishes playable in one hour with 5 to 15 models per side, based on the popular Song of Blades system. It has rules for the (occasional) use of vehicles. It covers any period from WW1 to the near future. With some work, the vehicle rules may be used to represent battle armor and small mechas.

Rosters of many periods are included, and on the Ganesha site you can find free point-allocation builders to create your own troops or modify the ones in the book.

The text of this ebook is NOT a new edition -- it is identical to the 2009 PDF/Print release.