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Ganesha Games has pdf version of Tales of Beasts and Perils

Ganesha Games now has their Tales of Beasts and Perils vol. 1 available in pdf form.

From them to you:

Become a creator of worlds!

Tales of Beasts and Perils is a gamemaster's guide to writing and running adventures for the Tales of Blades and Heroes fantasy roleplaying game. It includes rules and guidelines for:
Secret Knowledge rolls;
Timing and pacing an adventure;
Rewarding players with experience, Hero points, and loot;
Creating magic items;
Dangers of the world, including traps, poison, disease, falling damage, curses, slimes, jellies, molds, fear, and encounters with dangerous beasts and humanoids;
New special rules to create monsters;
Monsters and foes, including detailed profiles for unicorns, dark unicorns, dragons, iron devourers, giant spiders, chimeras, Coroimba savages, Undead, and humanoids;
Guidelines for balancing encounters;
Sample special rules for typical fantasy races; and
a point cost summary of all the abilities featured inTales of Blades and Heroes and Tales of Beasts and Perils.

This $8 PDF version comes in a full color, 47 page illustrated version; an inksaving version with all illustrations and page backgrounds removed; and an inksaving, compressed version (just the rules in a smaller type so you can print them saving both ink and paper).

Do not let the Volume One scare you too much, I plan to produce only a couple per year, plus occasional adventures and sourcebooks. By the way, I'd love to hear suggestions from TBH GMs to see what they want included in Volume Two. It's very likely that it will focus on dungeon delving.

A print version will be available later this month, watch this space for further announcements.