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Gaming Trend reviews Kaosball

Gaming Trend takes a look at the sports board game Kaosball, from CoolMiniOrNot, and gives you their thoughts on the situation in this review.


From the post:

Bringing sports to board games has been a difficult proposition. The Strat-o-matic series allowed people to create their teams using real baseball players. 1st and Goal uses cards to call plays and dice to determine the yardage. Spring-loaded levers were used to pop a ping pong ball to try to make a somewhat realistic basketball game. However, most translations of sports to board games have been less than spectacular. One way to try to buck that trend is making a game about a made-up sport. One of the best examples is Blood Bowl. Where else can elves, orcs, humans, and goblins fight for a ball and score? Eric Lang has used that strategy with Kaosball, and the results are interesting.