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Gaming Paper Megadungeon 3 - Sewers Kickstarter up

Gaming Paper has launched a Kickstarter for their Megadungeon 3 - Sewers gaming terrain maps. They've made their goal and then some already, so check out the stretch goals.

Gaming Paper


From the campaign:

You, amazing supporters, have done it again! Smashed another stretch goal and added pages to the Megadungeon 3! If we can push it over 100 pages, this could be our largest Megadungeon EVER. Now added to the mix is Owen K. C. Stephens' Sewer Bestiary in PDF (also available for $10 in dead tree).

Next up is a bigger expansion! This one takes the map to 49 pages. A 7 page x 7 page Megadungeon and we still have time to grow it to over 100 pages.