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Gamesmith running Laser Designator Kickstarter

Gamesmith is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new laser designator (it makes a whole laser line and not just a dot). Able to let you see LOS lines easier, they're looking to raise $10k and are already about halfway there.


From the campaign:

Being ON-TARGET is important! However, getting an accurate LINE OF SIGHT or determining a FIRING ARC in your preferred miniatures game can be difficult, frustrating, and strain friendships: With ON-TARGET it's as simple as point and click. Save time and your friends. We have selected the beam width, focus distance, and output ideal for accurate gaming needs in order to deliver a product superior to anything else on the market today.

The ON-TARGET line laser is based on the same sturdy units used in industrial, construction, and manufacturing sectors to deliver long reliable life. In fact the components for these lasers were originally designed to operate mounted on tools such as circular saws and in other high-vibration environments- so we know it will hold up well to gamer needs, use and abuse.

Ergonomically designed to allow easy top down display with a thumb actuator it has two operating modes; 'constant on' and 'momentary'.