Games Workshop taking pre-orders for premium Chaos Collection 40k books

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Nov 22nd, 2013

Games Workshop is taking down names of those of you gamers out there who would like their new premium Chaos Collection books for 40k.


From the announcement:

Limited to 500 copies worldwide, the Chaos Collection is the ultimate compendium for all those tainted by the warp.

This collection contains four volumes, all fitting snugly inside a weighty, heavy duty, matte black box. The box itself is emblazoned with two Chaos icons on the front and back, only by opening the magnetic seal will you reveal the true nature of the contents.

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  • Marauder

    Ah, only for a lean $350CAD. I’m sorry, Tzeentch would have to do his best to get me to fork over that kind of money for 3 codecies.

    • Marauder

      Oh, sorry, forgot to add the obligatory note on why is it $290USD and $350CAD? As of right now the exchange rate is 1USD=1.05CAD.

      • blkdymnd

        Like their rules and business plan, their economic info is stuck in the 90’s as well

  • keltheos

    So use the age-old consumer plan of “I can’t afford it, so I won’t be buying it.”

    • KelRiever

      Yes. Well, the age old consumer plan of…hey this isn’t worth the price.

      If people like paying that much money for that little (imo) entertainment, then they should go for it. Seriously, have fun. For me, this is more entertaining to laugh at for $0 than to play for whatever it costs.

      Everybody wins!

  • Ghool

    They should have Kickstarted it and made them exclusive. They probably would have sold out already.

  • darkendlight

    It is insane what people will pay for a “exclusive”. I can afford it and there is no way I would buy it.

  • surprize

    Wow, I thought this was going to be a limited ed source book kind of like The Lost & The Damned, or Waaaggh the Orks, which is just packed with background, but its just the normal codexes; in a box.

    I mean it looks nice and all, but I was seriously expecting some exclusive content for the price, when actually its just exclusive production values.

  • phoenixman

    same old GW trying to get money out of gamers for a pile of re-hashed and re boxed stuff. what a rip-off. stopped buying / playing GW years ago and never looked back. roll on the day they are no longer number 1 sellers in our hobby