Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders For Blood Bowl

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
Nov 12th, 2016

Well, it’s been the one people have been clamoring for. Ever since Games Workshop stated that they were once again going to be backing their specialty side-games, this is the game everyone’s been anticipating. Sure, Calth and Quest and Overkill are cool and all, but they’re not the games that have spawned entire industries creating specialty teams for them. Nope, that honor goes to Blood Bowl. It’s back. And you can pre-order it now.


There’s several different sets you can get. There’s just the base game. There’s the base game plus the first expansion that details 7 extra teams as well as expanded tourney/league rules. There’s a new Skaven team. There’s dice. There’s everything.

Note: Link currently goes to the Australian version of the page, since it’s not up on the US page yet.


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  • Funny coincidence: I was on Facebook and they’ve got that, “on this day” thing where you can see posts you’ve made in previous years on the same day, and apparently 6 years ago yesterday I had just gotten my Pangaea Punishers team.

    • DB

      I wonder how much of this was spurred on by the success of Guild Ball.

      • While I’m sure Guild Ball’s success was on GW’s radar when working on Blood Bowl, I doubt it was a major driving force. GW’s been working on getting more specialist games out there in this past year.

        I feel that if it was Guild Ball, specifically, that made them decide to go this direction, I’d think that it would’ve come out a lot sooner. We’ve had multiple 40k-based games and an AoS game come out in the meantime.

        • Andrew Franke

          Could be. But let’s face it. Plenty of their specialist games were ignored and other companies made fairly good success in those Genres.

          Most of the original Spartan Games lines were targeted at games that filled a niche left by a Dead GW specialist Game.

      • odinsgrandson

        I doubt it has to do with Guild Ball specifically (or Dread Ball, Grind, Elfball or any of the other Fantasy Football games out there).

        When they did the 3rd ed of Space Hulk, the internet seemed to universally approve with “Fantastic, now do Blood Bowl.and Warhammer Quest” And when they did Dreadfleet the next year, there was an explosion of “Come on! Do Blood Bowl and Warhammer Quest!”

        I find that it is no coincidence that GW have a new edition of Warhammer Quest and Blood Bowl out.

        • odinsgrandson

          Actually, this might all be related to Kickstarter meta.

          I mean, there have been a good number of cool dungeon crawlers come out- and some of them even say that they want to make games like Heroquest and Warhammer Quest.

          In addition, how many Blood Bowl crowdfunding campaigns have we seen? It seems like there’s at least one going on almost all the time.

          In any case, it seems to me like GW is pulling its head out of the sand- and that’s good for us.

        • Andrew Franke

          Dreadfleet WAS a response to Spartan Games and it was AWFUL. I am hoping they leave Blood Bowl alone and just re-release a great game.

          • odinsgrandson

            I felt like it was GW trying to bring back Man-o-War as a standalone game- which didn’t work.

            I’ve been following Blood Bowl’s launch, and between the previews and early review copies, I can tell that they’re keeping it in tact, with a few alterations (some league rules for players getting bored instead of spiraling expenses, for example).

          • Andrew Franke

            GW was trying to bring back Man-o-War in response to the success of Spartan Games Fantasy Fleet game. Spartans success there was huge as is there space fleet game. This was a market GW had exclusively for years and had the best models for. This is no longer the case.

          • odinsgrandson

            They were trying to get a quick financial injection from Man-o-War nostalgia.

            You can’t compete in the market with a limited run game. There was no chance of dethroning Spartan, even if Dreadfleet had been brilliantly successful and beloved by all.

          • Andrew Franke

            I never thought they had a chance of Dethroning Spartan. They were indeed trying to bring back the Man-o-War fans even if they renamed the game.
            The market they were aiming at was the same as the Spartan Uncharted Seas Market. Fantasy Naval Combat which had been in years past exclusively GW and specialist games USED to be available as models at least from Specialist Games long after the initial launch. Warmaster was available for forever. As was Man-O-War until they trashed Specialist Games and Black Libraries traditional roles.
            It was a financial mistake. One of Many the GW board has made in the last 15 years,

          • odinsgrandson

            Did they keep making Man-o-War minis via Specialist Games? I thought that was one of the games that didn’t get specialist support.

  • hvedhrungr

    Time to dig through the basement to find those teams again…
    GW is really pulling out all the stops with the specialist games, too. Wouldn’t surprise me if they came out with a spin off for kitchen sinks and rubber duckies before the holidays, either.

    That said, I think of all the specialist games, and even all the skirmishers where GW is concerned, Blood Bowl has always been at the top.
    Inquisitor was nice, I liked Mordheim and loved the original Necromunda, but really, Blood Bowl got a lot of people playing that otherwise had no interest in miniature war games.
    It’s just something about fantasy football combined with the inordinate amount of fun pummeling sparkly shiny elves into the turf with a river troll.

    • hvedhrungr

      Also, being able to put teams together with almost any source miniatures (here’s looking at you, Rackham/Confrontation) and having a common ruleset (Living Rulebook) made impromptu league play and spontaneously wasted weekends all too easy…