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Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders For Blood Bowl

Well, it's been the one people have been clamoring for. Ever since Games Workshop stated that they were once again going to be backing their specialty side-games, this is the game everyone's been anticipating. Sure, Calth and Quest and Overkill are cool and all, but they're not the games that have spawned entire industries creating specialty teams for them. Nope, that honor goes to Blood Bowl. It's back. And you can pre-order it now.


There's several different sets you can get. There's just the base game. There's the base game plus the first expansion that details 7 extra teams as well as expanded tourney/league rules. There's a new Skaven team. There's dice. There's everything.

Note: Link currently goes to the Australian version of the page, since it's not up on the US page yet.