Games Workshop Sorcerer’s Realm Scenery Sale going on now

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Aug 21st, 2013

Games Workshop is having a sale on their Sorcerer’s Realm terrain sets going on now over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

The Sorcerer’s Realm scenery deal is the perfect way to add to your Warhammer scenery collection. Whether you want to create a battlefield, add more arcane fulcrums to your games of Storm of Magic, or just add some great scenery pieces to your miniatures collection, this is the collection for you.

This web exclusive scenery deal is only available until 10am Thursday 29th August (Australia EST, North America EST, UK BST).

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  • Paconious

    In other words: We have too many skull-laden pieces of scenery which only functioned within one expansion set, and now that the expansion is long since dormant, we have to get rid of this stuff. Seriously, would anyone use any of this terrain for anything other than Storm of Magic?

    • Yes. I’d cannibalize them to make into terrain. Those flaming skulls and the winged skull throne are right up my alley! 😉

    • PaleKing

      For all sorts of funky scenery projects, display options and other bitz. Exactly the same things as you’d use any fantasy other scenery pieces for in other words. If this was a sale from any other company I suspect you wouldn’t have bothered posting any negativity here.

      • Soulfinger

        I’d put someone doing laundry on top of that floating pedestal and paint the flaming tornado that’s holding it up like a sheet that’s being wrung out. Then I’d string up a laundry line from the top to the bottom with a bunch of Chaos themed boxer shorts hanging out to dry on it and put a sign that says, “Chaos Shirts Pressed: 10 Silver. Free skull polishing.” Then I’d cry a little, but I was going to do that anyways.

        The throne would also be great, because you could have a king looking over the edge of the platform like he is wondering how he is supposed to get down, and then standing at the bottom would be the architect, who is a total d*ck for building the thing that way, but he had all of those extra giant skulls left over from a previous contracting job, and it was either use them on that or save them for the elementary school that he’d be building next week, which would have detracted from that sweet reaper stairway that he had made for the entrance to the 2nd grade classroom.

        Aside from that, I’d use the tower. Looks like a great place for enemies to meet covertly so that they can exchange secret high-fives over a job well done. “Nice job killing our dudes, Wardancer. High five!”

        • 4tonmantis

          It’s laundry day in the house of Soulfinger isn’t it?

    • 4tonmantis

      They are fairly interesting accent pieces and would have their uses for various reasons. I wouldn’t expect any of them to strike people as “OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GO BUY THAT RIGHT NOW!!!!” though.

  • cybogoblin

    A couple of those pieces could be turned into unit fillers (the throne from the Giant Skull Tower, for one), and the ruined tower isn’t too bad.

    The rest are pretty damn terrible, though.

  • Tamwulf

    I’m with Rob on this one. Cannibalize the sets for other pieces of terrain! The ruined tower isn’t too bad though, and could easily be added to any table with no problems. The rest? Meh.