Games Workshop says Sayonara to Social Media

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Mar 25th, 2014

Pins of War has noticed that Games Workshop has gotten rid of all their social media for their properties.


From Pins of War:

Games Workshop has not had much loving for Social Media for a while. A little over a year ago, they shut down their β€œmain” Facebook page, though pages for individual Games Workshop stores, as well as sub-groups such as Black Library or Forge World remained.

Now those have been axed as well, along with Twitter Accounts and other Social Media channels GW has been using.

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  • Veritas

    Not exactly a surprise as GW is totally uninterested in the feedback that is part and parcel with social media outlets.

    • 4tonmantis

      The bird..
      Not only is it the word but it’s also what GW is giving to their followers..

      • blkdymnd

        Yep. They couldn’t handle the criticism they got on their website forum, and shut it down. This is more ostrich in the sand policy to keep from listening to who’s buying their product.

        • Soulfinger

          Or they were sick of Radiohead trying to friend them. I certainly am.

          I don’t even think it’s the feedback though. They have so many fan wikis and FellatioHammer sites, like BoLS, that they hardly need a Facebook site for Donald Gibb to post “NERDS!” on every day or a Twitter site with “Made another miniature today #miniature #$$$bwahaha$$$” posts or whatever it is people do on Twitter.

          • Right, Soulfinger. I am not tired of it, but sort of give up looking for tutorials on other brands since every search almost inevitably leads to a GW figure being painted or modded.

            I’d like to see a lot more bloggers and sites that do tutorials do things besides GW.

          • 4tonmantis

            dwartist is one.. I think ichiban, thirdfate, awesomepaintjob, and ..arg.. can’t remember the other I follow (will look it up later).. they do a fair mix of things..

          • I’m dong a series on Mantic’s Deadzone right now over on! πŸ™‚

          • Major_Gilbear

            Hand Cannon Online and Brushthralls both have good hobby posts and how-to articles on non-GW models.

            And, of course, Massive Voodoo is a friggin’ goldmine! πŸ˜‰

          • Ghool

            Thanks for the plug Major.
            I was just about to say that I post tutorials (haven’t in a while, but will be soon) on Hand Cannon, and not one uses a GW model.

            It takes a bit of searching, but there are some of us that don’t like GW’s IP, or their miniatures.

            I’m one of the few that got the GW monkey off of my back in 1999.

      • Major_Gilbear

        Couldn’t have put it better myself!

  • PsykoTech

    Our local GW store still has their FB page. Mind you, conversations are pretty much limited to event planning so, maybe that’s why it’s still there.

  • Daniel36

    Really, are we getting upset now that they are doing away with something they’re not using? Good for them and good of them, maybe now they can focus on improving things that actually need improving. Did people honestly check out their facebook page? If I needed info I wouldn’t get from the numerous forums, I would go to their webpage first anyways.

    • I wouldn’t say I was upset… but it is an observation that GW has gradually taken itself away from any avenue where they are expected to face criticism. For you to say that they can focus on things that actually need improving, surely a good place to start would be to listen to what’s wrong so that they can at least pay lip-service to their customer’s complaints and observations? By doing that, they are making use of a free resource that could help save them money and time in the future…. that means that cutting ties with social media isn’t a good place to start.

      Continuous improvement starts with communication and listening to what the customer wants.

      • Soulfinger

        They did listen to what’s wrong.

        Customer: Codex releases are too slow
        GW: Okay, we’ll speed it up.
        Customer: Codex releases are too fast!

        Kvetching is half of the hobby, so it’s no surprise that people would be more upset about losing a forum for their nerd rage than, say, the discontinuation of Specialist Games.

        • 4tonmantis

          GW ditching Specialist Games didn’t upset me.. even though that was my favorite of their categories. Why? Because I would rather see it go out respectfully than become the BS money grabs their other lines have become. A small blister of 3 10mm epic tanks was something like $25 when they got axed. The communities for these products are keeping them alive and for the most part it’s fairly easy to find substitute models elsewhere… typically for a third of the price. I’m sure none of this is news to you.. but I allow that knowledge to keep me from raging on that front… despite having Warmaster, Epic, BFG, Necromunda, and Mordheim sets.
          Hell, I’m in the middle of stripping my Delaque gang so I can have it ready in case my kids want to give Necromunda a try πŸ™‚

          • Soulfinger

            I don’t like that the free rules are gone. I have them, they are readily available elsewhere, but I liked them being there like the shadows burned into concrete after the atomic blast that reduced my favorite products to rubble.

        • KelRiever

          That’s interesting. At no point do I ever remember codex releases ever being too slow, when the schedule of releases was scheduled for each army on a regular basis….

          I guess I’m in the minotity

          • Soulfinger

            You’ve never read comments complaining, “When will the new Black Templars Codex be out? There hasn’t been one since 4th edition! Waaah! Oh no, now they bundled it into regular Space Marines eight years later! Waaah!” That’s like 50% of what is posted on the Internet. There are more “My codex is obsolete” posts than porno videos.

          • 4tonmantis

            My Orks disagree with your assessment. Space Marine codices on the other hand have typically kept up pretty well.. other than Blood Angels and Black Templars.. However.. to me for GW to support all the different chapters of Space Marines but not support Ork Klans or all the Craftworlds, or other splinter factions of armies.. it’s just a dick move on their part..

          • KelRiever

            Well, there’s a difference to me between general releases and picking a specific codex. I mean, let’s talk not just 40k Orks, but Dark Eldar and Necrons. How about WHFB Bretonians and Wood Elves?

            BUT, releasing two codexes a year, plus two army books a year, was probably the fastest I ever wanted to go. Now, sure, it was stupid fast if you played regular Space Marines…which are, what, 60% of ALL GW sales? Whetever it is, yes, I couldn’t get my hands on an update of Bretonians to save me, yet I could get Empire and Space Marines updated ridiculously fast.

            Still, some version of a codes was coming out at least every 6 months which was fine with me. NOW I have to ‘get the limited edition’ of whatever it is every two weeks, plus the DLC, and some expansion book, etc. al. ad. nauseum.

          • 4tonmantis

            The current flurry of rules seems deliberate to me though..
            There’s also the rumor that White Dwarf will start footing the bill on some of these army rules releases.. I would welcome return of a Chapter Approved style release versus all of these willy nilly here’s an epub there’s an epub everywhere’s an epub type of pattern.

            The other side of that though, is if they switch back to a Chapter Approved style, I hope they go back to the Annuals as well.. I have 2 of the old ones and even though there’s some overlap, they were both good buys at the time.

            TSR did a lot of publications like this.. FASA too..

          • Ghool

            Yeah, and where are TSR and FASA now? πŸ˜›

          • KelRiever

            TSR and Fasa are super dead.

            But their primary products live on to this day, probably for longer than expected. Of course, that’s because, hey, someone in each case picked up the pieces of the product the company blew up.

        • I don’t really have much interest in GW but from a business perspctive, it makes sense to keep the feelers out and see what the customer is saying… even better if it is grouped together in one place for easy access. Even if they take no notice or just take some of the comments with a pinch of salt, there are times when some cracking ideas appear from a random comment.

          I agree with you about the kvetching though… a lot of it goes on :D.

          I guess that GW are more concerned about the negative input that a forum arena can generate, than any benefit that arises from gaining ideas and trying to target products better.

  • Nosaj Verush

    Still though, in this day and age to be a major corp. and not have a Facebook page is pretty incredible. It says a lot about GW’s counter intuitive behavior and is something it will regret eventually. If I were GW I would be wondering what it says about me that I think it best for me not to use a resource that ALL businesses use and are told by experts to use.

    • 4tonmantis

      GW.. counter-intuitive behaviour?

      Nooooooooo…. that’s just not right… doesn’t sound like GW at all…

  • Don’t forget that GW has a new website coming soon. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if there was some re-embracing of social media that goes along with that.

    That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t.

  • that’s the only free benefit I’ll ever receive from this company.. LOL

  • Toyznthehood

    It seems odd that they didn’t tell anyone on their way out. they just pulled the plug.

    • KelRiever

      And when you say ‘ odd ‘ you mean ‘ standard business practice, ‘ right?

  • Nosaj Verush

    Ahhhhhh Mordheim, their best game ever. After all these hears and a lack ofmsupport, wr still run an annual Halloween league at my LGS. How can they abandon a game with that much staying power!

    • 4tonmantis

      You know what’s weird? They just announced a Mordheim computer game.. I really really don’t understand GW..

    • KelRiever

      Best for setting.

      Absolutely one of the worst for any kind of balance.

      That game is more broke than the Titanic.

  • phoenixman

    not using social media… well ‘social’ is a word i have long felt NOT to be associated with GW, and i stopped playing any of their games several years ago and have NEVER regretted it.

    their behaviour over the years to their customers in raising the prices of plastic models to ridiculous levels shows they are totally out of tune with other manufacturers and the fact that most offer cheaper prices and more models per box.

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  • maxxev

    Meh only the Mordheim game and the new ironbreakers have given me any reason to give a crud about SpaceMarine Workshop sice about 1997….

  • phoenixman

    let’s hope this means the writings on the wall..

    the only writing on the wall GW should have made over the years and actually followed is…………. ‘THE CUSTOMER IS KING’