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Games Workshop Releasing Gorechosen Arena Combat Game

Blood for the Blood God!
Just about every gamer knows that call. It means the champions of Khorne are out looking to revel in the glory of slaughter and kill in the name of their chaotic god. Khorne's elite champions are called Gorechosen and have spilled much blood and taken may skulls in the name of Khorne. But if it's mighty skulls that bring the most glory to Khorne, than the skull of a Gorechosen must be one of the best, right? The Gorechosen certainly think so, and so they have decided to see which of them is the strongest. That's the story behind Gorechosen, a new arena combat game from Games Workshop releasing tomorrow.

In the game, players pick one of the four champions that they will take into combat versus the others. Games are quick and brutal, being free-for-alls as each player looks to be the last one with their head still on their shoulders. The game comes with four figures (and their reference cards), a double-sided game board, 52 action/initiative/wound cards, the rulebook (which includes rules for 4 more combatants), and the various tokens and dice required to play.

As I mentioned, the game's official release is tomorrow.