Games Workshop posts up .pdf FAQ and Errata for 40k

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Jul 3rd, 2012

Games Workshop has posted up the .pdf changes to all the codices for 40k. They’re all now up to 6th edition specs.

From the website:

Below you will find all the latest FAQs and Errata pages for Warhammer 40,000 and your favourite Warhammer 40,000 armies. Next to the name, you’ll see a date and a version number that will tell you when the FAQ was put on the web site. This way you’ll be able to tell which FAQs have been added or changed since your last visit.

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  • phoenixman

    who cares!

    GW did the dirty on the gamers who have supported WAB etc over the years by simply shutting WH and not selling it on to people who would have bought it and supported the systems.

    support comapnies who support the gaming community and not those who put up prices EVERY year just because it’s that time again.

    • Sejanus

      I have been maintaining this for years. Their corporate practices towards the gaming community are horrendous.

      Dumbing down the product to appeal to a younger and younger crowd while shutting out the core support and long time players. They don’t want that kind of business then fine..don’t give it to them.

      I remember when they were a good company with great games once…a long time ago.

      • KhadorBear

        I will agree that their corporate practices leave something to be desired as a loyal customer, but I will say that their product is still top notch. This current edition (IMO) is no exception.

        After reading through the book, I can say that they have actually taken a different route than just “dumbing down the product” even more. Sure it keeps many of the core mechanics from the last edition, but it also introduces many subtle (and some not so subtle) touches that really gives the game some potential character.

        Overwatch coming back (in a different form), fliers, challenges (still want to see how it works in game), Warlord traits, and unique melee weapon profiles helps bring back some of the unique experiences that harkon back to the older editions.

        Are most of the minis “overpriced?” I think so; but it is a leisure hobby so the almighty dollar dictates whether the product is worth it. Is this edition geared to an even younger crowd than 5th? I don’t believe so. Besides, in the end it’s just a game. 🙂

    • Bobofreak

      I care

  • AccessDenied

    Don’t see any dates there.

    • Bobofreak

      Dates are at the bottom of each FAQ if you care, like me.

      • AccessDenied

        Ah-ha. Silly me, expecting to find it after the name where they said it would be.

        • Bobofreak

          Yes I am sure it was not an honest error but yet another attempt by GeeDub to irritate its user base to no end 🙂

          Are GeeDub models expensive compared to most? I don’t think anyone whether a GW Fanboy or Hater could honestly say no, but I don’t see posts flaming people on automotive boards because they bought a Mercedes or a BMW? There are plenty of other vehicles that are basically the same thing and equivalent quality for 25%-40% cheaper, same could be said for any number of consumables from clothes, food to houses yet still expensive clothes, food and houses continue to sell.

          Perceived value is more then just the item you receive for a lot of people, its the support, its the aesthetics its the community its the whole package.

          I think the real rub as always is that the haters have very valid, very logical reason to play other systems and GeeDub does make dumb a** moves from time to time and they still are some of the most popular systems out there and there IP is worth more then any of there competitors.

          So I will continue to play GeeDub games(and Malifaux and Infinity and Warmahordes and Infinity etc…) and drive my Mercedes to the shop (Not really I drive a 2007 Pontiac Torrent).

  • Standard responses to a GW post, anywhere on the internet:

    “I have no interest in this product or service, but here’s my opinion anyway on why this country is going to dogs and it was all better when I was a nipper”


    “I have long felt resentment towards GW for business decisions that have impacted my enjoyment, I feel resentment at being priced out and made obsolete, I still hold hope that things will go back to the old days, but deep down know I need to move on and play other games.”

    At least I can relate to position 2, but 40K v6 is pretty good…

  • phoenixman

    if GW had any respect for the gamers like me who like/play WAB etc they would put WH and it’s products on the market for sale, at a fair price, and let someone take over the systems, even if they had to call them something slightly different in each case.

    so i as a gamer, CHALLENGE GW to do the decent thing as the books are now going for silly prices on the internet etc, and sell on these titles and it will help it turn for the gaming community as a whole to get some respect for GW as a company.

    perhaps an online site can start up a petition to try and get them to do this.

    what do others think?

    • Marauder

      I think they will probably ignore you and keep printing books and selling them at that price since it seems to be working for them.

      If you want a more affordable copy of 6th edition, wait for the starter set. There will be a mini rulebook in there and lots of chaos and marine figs for a very reasonable price. If you don’t want something that comes in the box, it probably won’t be hard to find someone who will take them off your hands.

      I have not played 40k in years, and am not willing (at least not right now) to spend $90 on a rulebook – but I have read quite a bit about the new rules and it sounds like there are a lot of very good changes to the rules.


  • phoenixman

    i am talking about WH books not those for 40k or fantasy armies and the rule books for these.

    they have stopped printing wab books etc and people selling the last remaining ones online privately etc are making a healthy profit sometimes.

    this is why i stopped doing 40k and fantasy a few years ago, sick of being fleeced by GW for less minis for more cash every year and the fact they change stuff every few years and sometimes dropped units completely from army books meaning those minis were now useless.

    yes i know the minis are good quality BUT so are other games / makes and they are nowhere near the cost so i took the choice not to buy them anymore, and the WH debacle just compounds the issues thousands of gamers have with GW, in that they seem to ignore their customers and what we want and they just do what they like and basically, it’s tough doodoo on the people who have supported them over the years, i.e. us the customer

    after all they are where they are in the gaming market BECAUSE of us not inspite of us, and they would do well to remember that as many a bigger global company has failed when they forgot that golden nugget of business.

    • Nightbee

      It might help if you used the full name of something before you start abbreviating it. In other words, let people know you mean Warhammer Historicals before you start using “WH.” It’s not really a well-known abbreviation among the uninitiated in the way that “40k” is.

  • Hexenjaeger

    Look at it this way…”WH” already has a book that isn’t updated periodically for $75 a pop, and relies on cheaper miniatures from smaller companies to play. So what’s all the hub-bub?

  • General Hobbs

    I see two buzz words here…overpriced and fair price. A box of infantry is around what, 37 dollars, breaking down to 3.70 a figure. Sure they are plastic, but you look at any other company’s models and you’re looking at 7 dollars + a figure for metal.

    Are kits expensive? Yes, but so are non GW kits.

    So don’t use buzzwords like overpriced or fair price. Because to GW they are priced fairly, and what they deem their products are worth. If they are too expensive for you, so be it. If you are not placing the same value on them, so be it. Go play another game like warmachine…which will cost you about the same amount of money. Trust me, I have worked this out a lot.

    Can you find cheaper models to use for counts as? Sure. Are the sculpts as good? Not usually. Can you use them in a GW store or event…no.

    Finally, for Warhammer Ancients…there are a ton of new historical books out there, and nothing stops someone from writing their own rules etc for their WAB products.

  • KelRiever

    Okay, Games Workshop isn’t expensive. I’ll be ordering a new army and sending you the bill. 😉

    • mechaace

      Which actually isn’t what he said. He’s saying that GW price things at what they consider a fair price. Presumably for the people who buy them they are fairly priced, and they consider them worth the value. Some people presumably don’t. At the same time a lot of other games could be considered expensive, it just depends on what your limit is.

  • phoenixman

    nice one Kel!

    yes sorry, WH is indeed warhammer historical.

    the main beef is they bring out a new rulebook, a new set of lists which cover a lot but not all of the books if i remember correct and then they ditch it.

    the point is why bother canning it so soon after the publication of the new AoA (armies of antiquity) book? why not just stop after the rulebook went to Version2 and let everyone play this with the old lists etc.

    £2.50 in the UK for a plastic empire greatsword is just taking the wee-wee in my opinion and you can buy metal models from other manufacturers to ‘count as’ cheaper, infact 2.5 metal figs to one GW plastic in some case as most metal infantry in the UK are about £1 per figure.

    i know you cant use them at GW events but the GT’s tend to be about who can build the most ubber nasty and ridiculous army rather than to go and enjoy the weekend so all the guys at the club i go to gave up going to singles and doubles at warhammer world years ago because of this sort of experience.

    now they go to other events which aren’t GW run and the entrants can use all Mantic armies if they want to and at a fraction of the costs involved, and the event entry is usually cheaper by a huge amount as well.

    • mechaace

      I’m sure they’re not going to stop you playing with the 2nd ed rulebook, even though they’ve stopped making it. Though from what I heard of it the 2nd ed of WH was generally with general cries of it being rubbish. Could have something to do with it if nobody was buying it.

      I’d love to know where you are getting metal figs for £1 for. I know historical figs are cheaper, but even decent figs like gripping beast aren’t that cheap.

  • phoenixman

    they are if you buy enough of them and you get great multi pack deals at shows etc